Yapı & Yapı, continues to grow and to undertake the largest construction projects in Türkiye. Yapı & Yapı, which steers the construction sector in Türkiye with its prestigious projects carried out in many areas from infrastructure to housing, from business centers to transportation; develops the most suitable solutions for the needs of its customers with its professional team and superior quality understanding.

Yapı & Yapı, which has led the sector with its successful projects since the day it was founded, carries out its activities to provide added value to the Turkish economy with its global approach and to bring innovations to the real estate sector.

Yapı & Yapı, acting with a sustainable perspective; brings together the projects it has built with its modern architecture, high-level technology and reliable stance with years of experience and mastery. Continuing its existence in the global arenas, Yapı & Yapı continues to structure the future both in Türkiye and in the world with the qualified, modern and luxurious buildings it has implemented.


Dear Stakeholders and Employees,

Yapı & Yapı A.Ş. has been working to create added value for the Turkish economy for more than half a century. As Yapı & Yapı, we describe our vision as “We are Building the Future”. Our company, drawing strength from its deep-rooted past in every sector it operates -with the exclusiveness of Yapı & Yapı- acts with the aim to be the pioneer of these sectors and always raises the bar higher.

Yapı & Yapı, which has become a pioneer in the construction sector in Türkiye with its half-century experience in the construction sector, with prestigious projects carried out in many areas from housing and green areas to transportation and infrastructure, continues to invest in the future of Türkiye with its professional team and superior quality approach. We always see the growth and prosperity of our country as a prerequisite for the development of our company. Our belief in the strength of our country and the goals we have adopted motivates us with hope.

While planning our new investments, we attach importance to our strategies, risk management systems and all technological developments in order to successfully overcome the economic, social and geopolitical fluctuations brought by our age within the framework of our sustainable growth strategies.

As Yapı & Yapı, we work for the satisfaction of our business partners and employees, as well as financial growth, and carry out projects that will contribute to our society with social investments. We would like to thank all our stakeholders and employees who have prepared with us for a better future with the values we produce.

Yapı & Yapı A.Ş.
Board of Management



Our values form the basis of our corporate culture. They are ingrained in every rank of our companies under the roof of Yapı & Yapı, fully embraced by our employees and guiding all our activities. We all wholeheartedly believe in these values, share them and always take care of them.

We accept the mission of sharing and adopting the values we embrace as a duty in every moment of our lives.

Presenting the Perfect

The secret of perfection is lies hidden in meticulousness. In our company structure blended with novelty and innovatton, we emphasize every detail to offer excellence with a strong organization, efficient teamwork and trust-oriented approach.

Being Honest, Fair and Respectful

Honesty, justice and respect have been the basis of our operation and the compass of our journey from past to present. We give priority to honesty and transparency in our relations with our customers, employees and business partners; we respect social, cultural and political values.

To Value People

Our human resource is our biggest capital and the determinant of our production quality. With this awareness, it is always our priority to bring quality manpower to our group, to increase the productivity of our employees, to allow them to develop and to offer a working environment dominated by strong cooperation.

To be Innovative

We continually update our knowledge, technologies and services to provide the most appropriate service to the changing world and expectations. We welcome new ideas with interest, constantly question old habits, and are not afraid of change.

Beıng Trustworthy

Trust is the most significant value in our business and the most challenging achievement to earn.Until today, we have completed all of our works bearing the Yapı & Yapı brand, at the promised time, with the promised quality. We do our best to meet the trust in the Yapı & Yapı brand.

Thinking For The Future

We place sustainability at the heart of our business strategy and value the responsible use of resources to build a be"er tomorrow for the society we live in, the environment and future generations.

Providing Social Benefit

We never forget our roots and go beyond just making an economic contribution to the society from which we emerged. As the goal of providing social benefit to our community has become a corporate culture, we always support and make investments in modern education, sports, science and culture and arts.