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Our core values that best describe us are unity, integrity, understanding, responsibility, creativity, respect for ethical and social values. Yapı & Yapı has been based on these values since its establishment. In line with our corporate vision and values, the contribution of our employees is undeniable in carrying our company to the future with more solid steps. As Yapı & Yapı Human Resources Department, we work to make our employees feel like they belong to family that embraces our corporate culture and to create a reliable work environment.


Our workforce needs are determined and coordinated with company and business goals. In the recruitment process, the candidate's education level, being open to innovations and changes; energetic, dynamic, entrepreneurial, suitable for the qualifications and expectations of the position, having the potential to develop themselves and their business, and being prone to teamwork are taken into account. In line with the position requirements, experienced and/or inexperienced internal and external purchases are made. Our current open positions can be accessed via and Candidates who want to make a general application can send their CVs to All applications made to our institution are kept confidential. All interviewed candidates receive positive/negative feedback in parallel with the completion of the recruitment process.


  • Yapı & Yapı; It has an Integrated Management System (Quality, Occupational Safety and Environment) based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 standards. Management ensures that the SMS is understood and implemented as an integral part of company culture and business performance.


  • Yapı & Yapı management and personnel undertake to fulfill the applicable conditions and to achieve advanced IMS performance in all areas by complying with the legal and other requirements in the relevant countries in all local and international activities where construction activities are carried out.
  • Implementation of this policy; It will be done without being limited to the management's information, instruction, training and supervision. Aiming at continuous improvement, Yapı &Yapı IMS is the responsibility of the management, which guides, communicates and encourages each employee who actively participates in its promotion, success and continuation.

  • The basic principle of Yapı & Yapı is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction and to offer the best possible value with reliable and effective service.

  • The main duty and responsibility of each Building and Construction employee is to take the necessary measures to ensure occupational safety by preventing injury and illness of themselves, their colleagues, and other people who may be affected by their activities and work.

  • Yapı & Yapı is aware of its responsibilities regarding the direct and indirect dimensions and effects of its activities on the environment. The company is determined to protect and improve our environment for future generations by carrying out its activities in a way that minimizes environmental pollution and environmental impacts.

  • Building and Construction employees while performing their duties; It undertakes to take appropriate security measures to protect its integrity and private property responsibility, information, technology and customer elements from external factors. Each unit takes the necessary responsibility to reduce any risk or violation under the security issue.

  • Yapı & Yapı is aware of all its social responsibilities and carries out the necessary activities.