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Unity and solidarity, understanding, responsibility, creativity, respect towards ethical and social values are the merits that best describe Yapı & Yapı. Ever since its foundation, the company based itself upon these values.
We found our employees’ contribution to be indisputable when it comes to taking sound steps for the future of the company in accordance with our corporate vision and values. Us at the Yapı & Yapı HR Department are working to make our employees identify with the company, to have them embrace our corporate culture, and to create a trusted work environment. Among our goals are;

  • Implementing modern and participative HR policies and programs,
  • Hiring effective staff members through the target and outcome-oriented measures,
  • Preparing the experienced staff members of corporate culture for upper tier positions within the company based on the changing conditions and corporate needs,
  • Providing the required education and improvement allowances to better the personnel performance.


Corporate and business goals both determine and cover our personnel demand. The following qualifications are worthy of notice during the hiring process; being dynamic, team player, and go-getter type, possessing the required characteristics demanded by the prospect of the position in question, offering a potential for improvement both on the personal and corporate level, etc. Lateral recruitments and experienced or inexperienced external hirings are made according to position openings.

You can access the information regarding our current position openings on kariyer.net and linkedin.com.
If you wish to make a general application, you can send your resume to ik@yapi-yapi.com.

All applications made to our company are confidential. All interviewed candidates receive information regarding their application, whether positive or negative, following the completion of the hiring process.


  • Yapı & Yapı has an Integrated (Quality, Work Safety, and Environment) Management System (IMS) which follows the standards set by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. The executives are responsible for the introduction of the IMS and its integration to a level where it becomes an indispensable feature of the corporate culture and trade performance.
  • Both the executives and the personnel of Yapı & Yapı guarantee the high-level IMS performance in all areas by complying with the applicable conditions during the undertaking of a domestic or international construction project while following the Law and other prohibitions of the respective country.
  • The enforcement of this policy will not be limited only to the knowledge, instructions, training, and supervision provided by the executives. Striving for constant improvement, Yapı & Yapı Integrated Management System is under the responsibility of the management which guides, communicates with and motivates each employee actively participating to the promotion, success and continuation of the system.
  • The fundamental principle of Yapı & Yapı is providing absolute customer satisfaction through trustable and effective service.
  • Taking the required precautions against the physical injuries and diseases in order to protect themselves, their colleagues, and anyone who might be affected by the potential results of the work that they are responsible for is both the mission and responsibility of each Yapı & Yapı employee.
  • Yapı & Yapı is aware of the direct and indirect results of the corporate actions over the environment. The company carries out its activities while always aiming to reduce their impact on the environment and pollution to the minimum level, thus is determined to protect and better the environment for future generations.
  • Yapı & Yapı employees guarantee the integrity and the responsibility for private ownership and providing protection for the elements of information, technology or client relations from external factors by taking the required precautions. Each unit takes responsibility for reducing any threats or breaches made towards the material under their supervision.
  • Yapı & Yapı is aware of the corporate social responsibility and is taking the required actions.


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