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The story of Yapı & Yapı AŞ dates back to 1974 when Nusret Yildirim got a start in the construction sector. Following his path, the second generation founded Yapı & Yapı AŞ and under their management, the company keeps growing without slowing down. As a result of prestigious projects developed in various fields - be it housing and green space, or transportation and infrastructure - Yapı & Yapı AŞ has become a pioneer in Turkish construction sector. With its professional team and superior sense of high quality, the company continues to invest in Turkey’s future.

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Yapı & Yapı AŞ focuses on the emerging changes in the sector with the aim of becoming a pacesetter for high quality and environmental consciousness. Today, the company is strengthening its privileged position by developing prestigious projects.


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Preserving nature and creating the least possible impact on the environment are the values embedded in the corporate policy of Yapı & Yapı AŞ who strives to create contemporary city worth places while using every bit of its resources effectively. Yapı & Yapı AŞ’s intent is to keep the values, developed according to the corporate sustainable growth principle, constant.


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Yapı & Yapı AŞ. wants to use its innovative and creative approach to provide distinctive services, and its goal is to build a better life for next generations.